Recycling Facilities

GH&A operates refractory recycling production plants in Delta, Ohio, and Kendallville, Indiana. These facilities have the capacity to convert large quantities of refractory material into valuable raw materials suitable for various industries, including but not limited to steel and refractory. The processed materials serve as a viable alternative to newly sourced materials.

Reliable Employees

Our workforce comprises a team of over 80 highly trained and specialized employees who possess the expertise to handle every facet of the recycling process.

Crushing and Screening

Our diverse array of crushing and screening plants caters to your sizing and blending needs effectively and efficiently.

Top of the Line Packaging

We utilize cutting-edge bagging equipment that surpasses industry standards, ensuring we meet and exceed all of your packaging requirements.

In-House Transportation

Our company possesses a comprehensive fleet of semi-trucks and trailers that are owned by us. This fleet is fully equipped to handle all inbound and outbound logistical requirements, including providing access to rail cars at both of our production facilities.