Steel Industry Services

GH&A’s Place in the Steel Industry

Since 2003 GH&A has been a growing force in the steel refractory management industry. GH&A has a team of experts at reviewing steel industry refractory and raw material needs to design optimal cost-effective solutions.

What do we do?

GH&A has partnered with several steel manufacturers to recycle, research, develop, and produce innovative raw and recycled material product mixes.

What is our process?

The process typically starts with an onsite audit and evaluation of our client’s existing refractory management practices, procedures, and costs. Depending on the steel industry sector and unique product requirements, the deliverable from the audit and evaluation is GH&A proposes best practices and cost-effective solutions for managing refractory.

We have been very successful in devising both take-back/reuse strategies and other options to keep valuable refractory out of landfills.

What else can we provide?

In addition to our own experienced Sales Team, GH&A has sales/marketing partnerships and agreements specifically targeting the Steel Industry with Phoenix Supply, Pasec Minerals, and Industrial Commodity Resources.